b'Behavioral Health ServicesOn-Site Trauma-Focused Behavioral Health ServicesSince its inception in 2020, the Granite State Childrens Alliance1,171 clinical Behavioral Health Services Programs licensed clinicians haveappointments, with provided clinicalan average of assessment and79.3% attendance evidence-based,rate for scheduled trauma-focusedappointments.behavioral healthDevelopments services to childrenin 2022and caregivers seen at the ChildWith the addition Advocacy Centersof Abby Lalone, in Belknap, Cheshire,MS, LCMHC, LMHC, and Hillsboroughand a move to Counties. a new location, the In 2022, theGSCA Behavioral Health Program expanded to include on-GSCA Behavioralsite behavioral health services at the Hillsborough County Child Health ProgramAdvocacy Center in Manchester in June.served 50 clientsGSCA clinicians Abby Lalone and Andrew Wolff, LMFT, received during 560 clinicaltraining in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and appointments,Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention, respectively. With maintaining a 79% attendance rate for scheduledthis training, GSCA clinical staff is fully trained to provide both appointments.evidence-based trauma-focused clinical modalities to children Since the program launched in 2020, 107 childrenand caregivers seen at the CAC. have received behavioral health services during 6'