b'Stuffed Animal Drive Community ClosetWe offer a stuffed animal to each and every child weWith the creation of the Community Closet at our Nashua and interview at our CACs. The children choose the one they like inManchester Child Advocacy Centers, Granite State Childrens remembrance of the day they bravely shared what happened toAlliance can now provide children and caregivers with essential them, and the safe place where they told their story. items they may be lacking. The Community Closet contains items When the CACs in Hillsborough County began to run out of thesesuch as socks, warm jackets, sweatshirts, hats, mittens, seasonally fuzzy friends, we turned to the community for support. And wereappropriate clothing, and hygiene items. It is available to anyone absolutely overwhelmed by the response. Peoples generosityattending the CAC who is in need. All items in the closet are resulted in a stuffed animal drive that not only replenished thenew and donated through Amazon Wish List drives, donations supply at the Nashua and Manchester centers, but also thefrom supporters, MDT members, and on one occasion, from a supplies of every CAC across the state. family who received services through the CAC and wanted to give back. Providing essential items to children and caregivers is We are grateful beyond words. One donor, a survivor herself,another way GSCA can help summed up theto reduce added stress and importance ofanxiety at a time when they a seeminglyare experiencing significant small object andtrauma in their lives. GSCA gesture: I knowintends to expand this the impact of ainitiative to include the stuffed animal onLaconia and Keene CACs in a CAC interviewthe coming months. day. I still have theTo donate to the community bear I got at 12closet, please scan here:years old. Sending you all love and support in all you do!5'