b'Who We Are, What We Do . and WhyWho We Are and What We DoThe Network of Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) in NH are responsible for the coordination of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) of professionals including local law enforcement, the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), and the County Attorneys Office/Attorney Generals Office, who investigate and prosecute incidents of child abuse. CACs coordinate and provide forensic interviews, family support services, medical and behavioral health referrals, and community supports to ensure timely access to essential services. CACs provide coordinated support to children aged 318 (and their caregivers) who are alleging child sexual abuse, felony level physical abuse, or have witnessed a violent crime such as homicide or domestic violence. CACs strive to reduce trauma suffered by child victims of abuse by creating a child-friendly, victim-centered safe place where children can talk to a trained professional forensic interviewer about their abuse and streamline the investigation process. This evidence-based CAC model is defensible in court and deemed best practice for child abuse investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice.Most Importantly, the WhyOn the walls of CACs throughout the state, you will see handprints in a wide variety of sizes and colors - marks left by each child who passes through our doors as a way for them to say, I was here. I made it.Adults and children have very different reactions to these prints. Adults are often overwhelmed and saddened by the sheer number. Children, though, are comforted and validated by them, sometimes realizing for the first time: Im not alone. Im not the only one.Child Advocacy Center team members remain dedicated to the tireless fight to ensure that these children and their caregivers have a victim-centered experience in a safe and responsive place to move beyond their trauma to Heal, Survive and Thrive.2'