b'A Message from Our DirectorIt is easy to get so caught up in doing the work that westeps in the healing process, making referrals for forget to stop and reflect. As we take this importantbehavioral health and specialized medical services, moment to look back at 2022, we are proud toand following up with families to offer support to share with you the ways the Child Advocacy Centerensure child victims are receiving the care they (CAC) model in New Hampshire continues to growneed. Recognizing the critical need, we are working and change. In the blink of an eye, 2023 is alreadycollaboratively with stakeholders and our network to well underwaybut some things remain the same,expand our service model to include on-site behavioral steadfast and constant, even when the calendar turnshealth and specialized medical services statewide, the page. For us, that is our Why. reducing barriers to treatment that many caregivers Regardless of the date, the Granite State Childrensexperiencecost, transportationand all too often, Alliance and New Hampshires Network of Childavailability of providers. Advocacy Centers are committed to ensuring thatWe know that caring adults in communities around the children and their caregivers have a victim-centeredstate are the intervention a child needs to begin the experience in a safe and responsive place. The CAChealing process. That is why we continue to invest in model reduces the trauma of the forensic interviewand diversify supports at the Child Advocacy Centers, process for child victims, allowing them to take theas well as expanding our KNOW & TELL program. challenging but crucial first step in healing. Kids are counting on us more now than ever, and as But what about the step after that? we begin to fill the pages of 2023, we are resolved To answer this question, our why remains the same,to support them in all ways possible as they begin but our how is changing and growing.their journeys to heal, survive, and thrive.Ten years ago, the sole function of CACs in NewOur vision for the future is to help children grow Hampshire was to assist in the coordination of aup to be healthy adults.multidisciplinary team response and conduct theThank you for supporting our why, this forensic interview.year and every year!Today, the forensic interview is just the beginning. New Hampshire CACs also help lay the groundwork for nextPlease help by donating today!1'