b'raise money and awareness for KNOW & TELL Education duringsexting, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM), as well as GSCAs month-long Beards for Bucks fundraiser in October. We hadNH- based and national resources available for youth who five participants who raised$ 2,014 combined to exceed the teamsmay be struggling with child maltreatment and/or mental $ 2,000 goal.health. Through work with Carelon Behavioral Health and CBNA Team Leader and KNOW & TELL TOP Fundraiser Hailey PruettNH Rapid Response Access Point, the Ambassadors have developed Public Service Announcement videos, KNOW & used this education and fundraising opportunity, as well as launchingTELL P2P Education presentations, Social Media Education other fundraising initiatives in the CBNA community throughout theand Awareness content, NH Rapid Response Access Point year, to fulfill her Senior Project Requirements which she will presentResource posters, a template for school student identification to the CBNA School Board & Board of Trustees in April 2023. In total,cards to contain NHRRAP support and NH988.com, and Hailey raised$ 1,180 for the KNOW & TELL P2P program.Proclamations for Child Abuse Prevention Month, KNOW & KNOW & TELL P2P Ambassadors also developed new educationalTELL P2P Week, and KNOW & TELL Day.tools for their peers highlighting the dangers of online predators, 15'