b'144,444 Educators and Child FacingProgram has been involved in becoming evidenced-based by Professionals are KNOW & TELL Educated! being submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) over the last year KNOW & TELL is a public responsibility program, to educate ALLand a half. Currently, working with adults to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authoritiesDr. Speropolous at Southern New when they recognize a child needs help. Expert trainers provideHampshire University, Dr. Speropolous has presented the data interactive and dynamic workshops across NH of how to create afrom KNOW & TELL Education safe community where all adults understand their role as a mandatedFeedback at the Eastern Sociological reporter of child abuse. Societys Annual Conference in Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and youth servingFebruaryProviders eCourse/organizations continue to pivot resources to provide stability in(2023 to American Society ofdeveloping a shorter in-education and support forCriminology Annual Conferenceperson course for 2023, and students and staff which has(November 2022) that will informexpanding the KNOW & decreased in-person trainingfinal manuscript preparation effortsTELL Peer-to-Peer opportunities. Of the 5for submission to the Child Abuse &Ambassadorship Program.trainings offered, 611Neglect academic journal in the participants completedSpring of 2023. Once accepted and training in-person and 2,138published, KNOW & TELL will beFor more information about other professionals opted toEVIDENCED-BASED (anticipatedKNOW & TELL, or to complete the KNOW & TELLSummer/Fall 2023). schedule a training for your Online (self-paced) eCourse.The decline in training requestsorganization, contact In-person trainings are startingallowed GSCA to explore and pilotStephanie Arroyo at to see an uptick in requests,several expansion andsarroyo@cac-nh.orgscheduled opportunities andadvancement projects. Currently, volume of participants forKNOW & TELL is piloting education 2023. and training in New Jersey, piloting TheKNOW & TELL EducationKNOW & TELLfor Healthcare13'