b'Beards for BucksBeards for Bucks 2022 was a great success for NH Child Advocacy Centers, raising $260,000 statewide!There were several highlights and community success stories this year!Beards for Bucks kicked off with a donation from a neighborhood lemonade stand.A group of kiddos from Pelham donated $1,000 in hard earned lemonade money to the Pelham Police Department, benefiting our Nashua CACproving that big things come in small packages!It was a great reminder of how importantBeards for Bucks is for CACs, but also for communities.Beards for Bucks closed out the month with a very generous gift to Detective Davenport of the Manchester Police Department from the family of IRA Toyota Dealerships!She was the top statewide fundraiser in the non beard growing category. Even with that amazing donation, she finished in second place ($11,255) for Hillsborough North, behind Tom Hammond with Goffstown PD ($11,877). Chief Mattei in Conway was the highest statewide fundraiser, earning over23,000 to benefit Carroll County CAC.Beards for Bucks has raised over $1,000,000 for NH CACs since 2015!8'